When and how to prune ornamental shrubs

In order for the ornamental shrub to please with its healthy appearance and abundant flowering, it is necessary to periodically subject it to pruning.

With the help of pruning, you can also adjust the growth rate, plant size and crown density, and also create unusual forms of the bush.

Each type of shrub has its own development time cycle. What is meant by this? The bush grows, blooms, branches, old stems die off. Depending on the duration of the main cycle of development of the shrub is determined by the time and methods of pruning.

Annual pruning

The minimum period of development of the stem in shrubs is one year. These shrubs include spirea and dog rose. After ottsvetaniya their shoots quickly grow old. The bush starts up new shoots. Outdated shoots needed prune to the underlying stem or to the main stem.

Spireas blooming in May and June should be pruned immediately. after flowering. Spireas, blooming July-September, pruned fall or spring. The first form the flower buds on last year's shoots, and the second - on the shoots of the current year. In order for the spirea to bloom every year, pruning is carried out every year.

Rosehip must be cut every year.

Trimming as needed

In many shrubs, vegetative growth of shoots varies in the time interval from one year to several years. These shrubs include honeysuckle and jasmine. The full cycle of development of shoots in these bushes is 6-7 years. Outdated shoots are cut as needed to the main stem or to the place of emergence of new large stem shoots.

These shrubs are pruned after flowering. To keep the honeysuckle decorative look, cut out the old branches and shorten the young shoots. In jasmine cut off withered shoots. Young shoots do not need to be shortened, as they will form flowers next year. In the spring, the bushes are thinned if necessary, leaving the strongest young shoots.

Honeysuckle can be cut as needed, but always after flowering

Periodic pruning

Lilac has an even longer main stem development cycle. He is 9-10 years old. Lilac bush rejuvenates every 5-6 years. Old branches cut out to the base of the bush or to the place of formation of strong young shoots. Faded brush cut immediately after flowering. Shrunken branches are removed as needed. Lilac often gives a large number of root shoots. It must be removed, as it weakens the bush. The main pruning lilac spend in March or early April.

Have viburnum time cycle of stem development is similar to lilac. Trimming is done as needed. Old branches on the bush viburnum cut out after flowering or after ripening of the fruit (late autumn or winter). Removing old branches improves the ornamental appearance of the shrub. The main pruning (1 time in 5-6 years) is made in April.

Lilac pruning is carried out after flowering

Stimulating pruning

Some shrubs have a very long development cycle of the stem: 18-35 years. These include: cotoneaster, hawthorn, irga, yellow acacia. These bushes almost do not give stem shoots. In shrubs of this type, if necessary, cut skeletal branches and produce shortened shoots. These types of pruning will enhance the growth of the remaining branches and the emergence of new shoots on the trunk. Pruning of such shrubs is carried out in cases where there is a decrease in flowering or a weak increase in shoots.

The growth of yellow acacia sometimes has to be stimulated by pruning

If you know what pruning is shown to your ornamental shrubs, and carry it out in a timely manner, your garden will always be beautiful, well-groomed and flowering.

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