How to water the fruit trees in the fall - the secrets of watering irrigation

Trees spend the most water during the period when shoots actively grow and fruits ripen. Is it worth watering the garden in autumn? Let's figure it out together.

In the fall, the garden also needs watering - this will help the trees survive the frost. So don’t be in a hurry to hide buckets and watering cans: until the severe frosts come, they will still be useful to you.

Why water the trees in the fall?

Trees are watered to imbue them with moisture, which evaporates from the surface of leaves and branches. In winter, despite the frost, the process of evaporation of moisture continues, although it happens much slower. Therefore, trees that did not feed enough liquid before hibernation, in the cold season, under the influence of low temperatures, begin to "dry out". To prevent this from happening, the plants need to be watered thoroughly until steady frosts occur.

In addition, a well-hydrated soil conducts heat better and thus protects the roots of trees from frostbite.

How to determine whether to water the fruit trees in the fall?

It is believed that if there are frequent and heavy rains in the fall, it is not necessary to additionally moisten the trees. However, it is important to take into account how the summer was. If it was dry and dry, the autumn rains will not be enough.

There is a surer way to check if the garden needs watering in the autumn. To determine the degree of soil moisture, you need to dig a hole 30-50 cm deep in the garden between the trees and take a handful of earth from there. If it is easy to form a dense bed out of it, it is not necessary to water the garden. If the earth does not crumple, and crumbles in the hands - the garden requires watering.

A more accurate answer can be obtained by putting a lump of earth, extracted from a pit, on a newspaper sheet or paper napkin.

  • If the soil leaves a wet mark - no need to water the garden.
  • If the lump is thick and wet, but does not leave a trace on paper, watering is still necessary, but the amount of water should be reduced by 1/3.
  • If a clod of earth is dry and crumbles, the trees need full watering.

Rules for underwintering trees

When watering the garden to moisten the soil should be abundant. Watering in small doses weakens the plants. Mature trees should be watered so that moisture penetrates the ground to a depth of 1-1.5 m. The minimum threshold is 0.6-0.7 m.

On a young tree, planted this year or the previous one, it usually takes about 40 liters (4 buckets) of water. Older trees (10–15 years old) require from 50 to 70 liters of water, and quite adults need up to 100 liters of water.

When autumn watering is important not to overdo it and do not pour the trees. Too much water can force the air out of the soil, which often leads to the death of the roots of the plants.

When autumn watering should also take into account the peculiarities of the soil on the site. Areas with poor drainage and high groundwater storage should be watered very carefully. In this case, it is recommended to moisten the soil to a depth of 100 cm.

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What is water recharge irrigation trees?

Water-charging irrigation of trees is late autumn watering, which should saturate the soil with moisture for the winter period. This procedure is especially important for regions where autumn is usually dry and the soil often dries out.

Sub-winter irrigation irrigation provides not only enough moisture, but also creates the best conditions for trees to tolerate low temperatures. In addition, wet soil is less susceptible to freezing than dry.

Such watering necessarily need fruit trees and coniferous crops. Water all trees preferably on a sunny day.

When to water fruit trees in the fall?

Moisture-charged watering is carried out after a massive abscission of foliage. At this time, the air temperature decreases so much that the roots of trees stop consuming large amounts of moisture. If you spend watering before the beginning of leaf fall, you can provoke the growth of shoots - this is especially true of young trees. In this case, the plants will not winter well and will not be able to give a good harvest next year.

Usually the garden is watered in October-November (depending on the region). Therefore, it is best to focus on the fallen leaves and air temperature: it should be within 2-3 ° C.

Ways to water the trees in autumn

Watering garden crops can be done in different ways: using a bucket, a hose, sprinkling or drip irrigation.

Buckets and hoses

When watering from a bucket, it is more convenient to count the amount of water that you bring under the tree. But if the plant is large and requires abundant watering, as well as if you have a large garden, you will not run up with buckets to each tree. Therefore, it is much easier to put a hose under the culture. And if you dig up watering canals, you can even arrange watering in such a way that the water simultaneously flows to several trees at once.

How to calculate the amount of water when watering a hose? It is necessary to place the hose in a 10-liter bucket and detect how long it will fill up with water. Knowing this, you can calculate the amount of time during which you need to water each particular tree.

Such methods of irrigation are suitable only for flat areas on which water will not drain from the trees along the slope.


If the backyard territory has a slope, it is better to irrigate by sprinkling. So moisture will be absorbed into the soil more evenly. But note that sprinkling increases the humidity of the air around the trees, which is not always good, as it can lead to the development of various diseases.

Drip irrigation

This method is suitable for any site and is considered the best. In order not to buy a special irrigation system, it is possible to water the trees in this way with the help of hoses punctured in different places. They need to be connected to the water supply system or connected to the main hose and put a ring on the edge of the circle of the trunk.

The width of the wetted area under the tree should be equal to the diameter of the crown.

It is important for every gardener to remember that with the arrival of autumn the work in the garden does not end. After harvesting, crops especially need proper care. Therefore, in the autumn it is so important to competently carry out the autumn pruning and autumn feeding, as well as to properly water the trees before the garden is completely immersed in winter sleep.

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