We test different growth promoters for plants

Often in the articles of garden and garden subjects you can find the phrase: "Treat the seeds with any growth promoter." But is it really all the drugs equally effective and helpful?

Today, the stores offer a wide range of various plant growth stimulants from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Moreover, the composition of the drugs is also different: some are made on the basis of natural ingredients, while others are exclusively chemical substitutes for phytohormones. To determine which growth promoters really work, we decided to test it empirically. And that's what came of it.

The essence of the experiment

We took various growth stimulants: 8 popular preparations of industrial production and 2 folk remedies - honey and aloe juice.

Prepared solutions according to the instructions and weathered the seeds of tomatoes in order to determine whether these funds help the seeds to germinate faster.

According to manufacturers of synthetic growth stimulants, a small amount of this substance can work wonders: thanks to it, seeds germinate quickly, flowering occurs earlier, and the plants themselves develop much better.

For the purity of the experiment, we took the seeds of the same crop (tomatoes), but of different varieties and producers.

The contents of all the bags were poured into one bowl and mixed well, so that each stimulator could manifest itself on different seeds. After all, when using material from one manufacturer, it could turn out that the point is not in the preparation, but in the quality of seeds.

In addition, to determine whether the stimulants accelerate seed germination, some of them we did not process with any of the drugs.

Step 1 - Soak the Seeds

Before using any growth stimulant (even natural, such as aloe or honey), seeds should be soaked in water at room temperature for 1-2 hours. This is necessary so that they swell a little and then do not absorb too much liquid with a growth-stimulating substance. Indeed, in this case it is better to less than with an excess.

The control seeds, which we decided to sow without the use of a stimulant, immediately after soaking, were wrapped in a damp napkin so that they would not dry out while their “friends” were being processed.

Step 2 - Preparation of solutions with different growth promoters

As containers for soaking the seeds in solutions of growth stimulants, plastic cups were chosen. And so as not to confuse where the drug is, on the container, we stuck stickers with the names of stimulants.

Then we carefully studied the instructions attached to each drug, and in accordance with them prepared solutions of the desired concentration.

All stimulants act differently, and you need to keep the seeds in them for a different amount of time. In some preparations (for example, Baikal EM1, Zircon, Epin-Extra), it is enough to soak the seeds for 2 hours, and Energen, Immunocytophyte, aloe juice should “work” for about a day.

By the way, in order to prepare a natural growth stimulator from aloe leaves, they must first be carefully cut off with a sharp knife, wrapped in a plastic bag in black (so that no light gets inside) and put in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks. The fact is that in such extreme conditions, growth hormone in the leaves begins to be intensively produced.

After this time, with the help of gauze from the leaves you need to squeeze the juice and dilute it with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Natural growth promoter for plants ready!

To get a natural stimulant from another natural product, honey, you need to take it in a volume of 1 tsp. and dilute in 1 glass of water at room temperature. Then put the seeds into the solution for 5-6 hours.

Which stimulator is more convenient to use?

Control seeds are in a glass without a signature. In it, we poured ordinary water

Our experience has shown that not all stimulants are easy to use. We will find out how effective they are later, but at this stage we came to the conclusion that it is difficult to prepare a solution of the desired concentration from some drugs.

For example, Immunocytofit comes in tablets, and 1pc. designed for processing 5 g of seeds. If we consider that 1 g weighs 250-300 tomato seeds (as you remember, it was on this culture that we conducted the experiment), we would have to sow up to 1500 (!) Seeds. Naturally, we did not need so many tomatoes. Therefore I had to break a small piece from a very hard tablet and dissolve it in water.

Thus, we came to the conclusion that liquid stimulants (preferably with a dispenser) are the most convenient to use. If you need to process a small amount of seeds or plants, just use a few drops and just close the bottle. After that, the drug can be reused as needed. So, Ecosil and Energen stimulators turned out to be the most convenient to use.

Step 3 - Sowing the Seeds

Having held the seeds in solutions for the right amount of time, we sowed them in moist soil in the same individual cups, after washing them well from stimulants. At the same time in each container we placed 10 pcs. seed, then to see if they all came up.

Then 10 cups with the signatures of the names of growth stimulants and another 1, in which we sowed raw seeds, we placed in a plastic container, covered with cling film and put it on the battery near the window sill.

Step 4 - Result and Conclusions

After 3 days, shoots appeared in each of the cups. Moreover, the seeds that were not processed did not lag behind their "brothers".

Our seedling did not have enough light, so they stretched out

At first, not all 10 seeds appeared in the containers, but on average 5-7. But after another 3 days, in some cups (with honey-treated seeds, Gumat-Baikal stimulants, HB-101, Ecosil without any preparation at all), several more sprouts appeared.

As a result, we got the following result:

Stimulator nameNumber of seedlings
HB-1018 (+1)
Baikal EM18
Gumat-Baikal8 (+2)
Honey6 (+2)
Ekosil5 (+1)
No stimulant7 (+1)

Thus, we can conclude that the seeds treated with some stimulants germinated even worse than those that we just soaked in water and sown immediately. But a few drugs really, as promised by the producers, gave 80% germination of seeds.

Growth stimulants that showed the best result

Perhaps this is an accident. But we did it. It is up to you to decide for yourself whether to use growth stimulants or sow the seeds in the usual way.

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