White clover is a godsend for lawn

Want to have a beautiful lawn on the site - plant a white creeping clover. This culture is great for creating meadow flower arrangements.

Clover creeping (white)or white porridge is a perennial, strongly bushy undersized (up to 10 cm) herbaceous plant with bright green dense leaves. Thanks to its trifoliate leaves and white flowers, it creates a very effective lawn cover: solid and dense. Numerous creeping shoots, spreading on the soil surface, quickly fill the bald spots and occupy a new area, easily rooting.

White clover is very much bushy, so it is better to use it to create clean, isolated from other plants groups on the background of the lawn. In some cases, you can enter it in lawn grass mixtures, but not more than 7%. The advantage is that atmospheric nitrogen, which accumulates root nodules in the soil, enhances the green color of grass grasses, increases the power of their growth and the number of shoots, significantly increases the decorativeness of the lawn. This allows you to reduce the amount of applied nitrogen fertilizers or completely eliminate them, which is important for the ecology of the site.

White clover present plot decoration

Due to the powerful root system (up to 45 cm) and the properties listed above, white clover as part of grass mixtures is recommended for strengthening the slopes, slopes and silting of wastelands. TO soil it is undemanding, but does not tolerate stagnant water. Light-requiring, perishes in the shadows. After shearing quickly grows.


White clover is sown from mid-April to June, when average daily temperatures are 10-13 ° C. Low night temperatures contribute to better root formation and tillering.

Seeding rate in pure groups - 20 g / sq.m. The plant begins to bloom from the second year of life from May to August. After that it should be beveled. From the second half of August to November the clover blooms again.

Besides the fact that the white clover lawn is very beautiful, it has a number of positive characteristics.

  • Winter hardy
  • It grows well on badlands, undemanding to frequent watering and fertilizing fertilizer. It is a soil-improving plant.
  • Resistant to trampling, and due to the formation of new shoots regenerates damaged areas.
  • It blooms from May to late autumn with slightly fragrant flowers, which gives greater decorativeness to the lawn. It is a honey plant and a permona.

Clover in landscape design

However, with all the advantages of this plant in landscape design, it is inferior to the solemn classical English lawn, consisting of some grass grasses.

It is advisable to break the lawns of white clover, not at the main entrance, but somewhere in the gardens, at sports or children's playgrounds.

White clover lawn looks pretty impressive

To create meadow lawns on relatively dry, infertile soils, the following grass mixture is recommended: red fescue - 25%, common borer - 25%, meadow bluegrass - 25%, white clover - 25%.

The life of a lawn depends on how it is used and maintained. On average, it is 5-7 years, but with proper care (aeration, scarification, mulching and timely cutting), it can serve for decades.

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